The Cursed Iron Cavern - Ingame Graphics

The Cursed Iron Cavern

Actually my first game. In this small 2D platformer you play as a slime which is crawling through a deep dungeon. Difficult encounters with scrap metal minions are ahead. Feel free to enter the dungeon but be carefully, your death will be permanently. This is currently a demo version because of the ongoing development. This…

Brekmoor - Icon

Brekmoor – Cave of Eternal Brawl

Brekmoor – Cave Of Eternal Brawl is a small 1 vs 1 duel game with nice pixel grapics and chiptune sound. You play as a warrior who is fighting different enemies. The core of the game is controlled via only one button. You have different click patterns to execute different action. Also a small leaderboard…

Gullys Vengeance - Icon

Gullys Vengeance

Gullys Vengeance is a small game in which you’re playing as a seagull. You’re searching revenge against all the cars with all your resources. Eat as many bugs as you can and take a huge shit on all the cars that disturb you

Optimus Pie

Optimus Pie is a 2D jump and run / metroidvania game. You play with a friend together as a cake shooting robot that has a laser grappling hook, a jetpack and a power shield and can eject ice cream bombs. Try to reach the end of each level with as many health and as less…